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As Niels Bohr used to say: If an idea does not appear bizarre there’s no hope for it. But for a variety of reasons, the host of ideas remains trivial ideas, disembodied thoughts of their authors. In our practice, apart from helping to realize the brilliance of business-ideas, we bring such ideas to life. We help to turn the thought once appeared inside your head into business, which may become not only your next project, but may also bring moral and material satisfaction. That is our main goal in this business dimension. Our experts have successfully implemented the huge variety of projects, and moreover, they are the authors of a number of promising start-up projects managed by our company. Thus we know how to bring the sudden idea into life in the best possible way providing the highest possible benefits for its author.

Business start-up process is usually consists of several stages. While moving from one age-category to another, or during key events (change of ownership, fund raising or change of management teams) it is important not only to take a step, but also to be ready for such step. After all, the quick growth is not the ticket to success. It is important to make the organism of your business ready to overcome the increased financial pressure, to make the business-processes circulatory system optimal and not duplicating its certain parts, to make the central office rapid heartbeat fit for structural units tempo. Only in case of such confidence the next step can be taken. Apart from helping you to gain such confidence, in case of certain circumstances preventing the next step, our experts will eliminate such circumstances. For this purpose the experts of our company will optimize the management structure, help to create the best internal and external organizational structure, make all business processes meeting your needs, develop and introduce optimal system of financial flows, commercial relations, project management, document flow, and other aspects important to your business. Our approach is direct and simple - all our actions are aimed at increasing the value of business and professional settlement of business situations of any complexity. It allows clear and optimal achievement of the required results.



This business line means that we treat our customers with the highest degree of safety through the whole path from the transaction making point to the consummation point. Quite often such work is qualified as purely legal or purely financial. But this is far from being the case. Transaction support is often on the edge of finance, law and psychology. Because improperly used financial instruments or wrong choice of partnership jurisdiction, as well as one wrong gesture, glance or phrase can frustrate all your efforts. And it is usually hardly possible to improve everything back to its original status. We undertake the whole work and service complex, related to representation of interest of the buyer or the seller, as follows:

•Structuring of the transaction;
•Support in the negotiation process;
•Legal support;
•Assessment of the transaction;
• Monitoring of implementation of certain
aspects of the transaction to the moment of its consummation.

Due to our experts your journey from the transaction making point to the consummation point on the highest possible level of comfort, safety and effectiveness. It is ensured by rich and successful experience of our team.




The procedure of debt settlement is a long and laborious work that requires maximum efforts concentration of specialists with diverse specialization. Very often business structures are not able to form their own separate unit, to which could be assigned this function, pass this functionality as an option to lawyers, security service or commercial units. In this case, the work will be mainly boils down to walking through the courts or the "operational-search 'activities or to the constant correspondence and telephone conversations. It is quite obvious - each unit will try to narrow down the function of the settlement to their usual and customary functional. The result - an extremely one-sided approach and thus leaving much to be desired level of performance. Organizing the same effective interaction of all responsible units in order to improve the efficiency is often not just difficult, but impossible due to some objective and subjective reasons. Our experts have many years of successful experience in major international and domestic companies in this area and they will help to "weak" links, tell us how to optimize the existing structure of the settlement or build it with "zero", train your staff more efficient ways of working, thus achieving desired results in the shortest possible time.

Times of financial crisis put many businesses on the edge of survival and the matter of debt load usually becomes not just an ordinary matter, but a matter of the eternal question to be or not to be. In that case, the ability to negotiate with creditors and debtors on optimal conditions becomes the basis for the business survival. And to survive in tough times is to win, to get the last possible chance to achieve the goals and objectives, to save your business reputation, to be able to take back and to give back to others. Thus your business remains a business, but not a pack of papers with court-appointed administrator.
We know how to negotiate – and we can negotiate - with debtors and creditors, whoever they are - because sooner or later any "war" ends at the negotiating table.



Nowadays information on business partners is important, if not strategic. Because usually it is very difficult to determine the status of your contractor on the basis of his business card, or to be aware of financial status of your foreign partners on time on the basis of their web-site information. After all reliable answers to these questions can help to avoid potential problems and significant costs. As the saying goes - forewarned is forearmed. Our experts will help to prepare the necessary business certificate on your local and foreign partners, potential contractors using all available sources and, if required, resources of world-famous business-information providers, or to implement regular monitoring of the most important matters related to your partners - change of management, financial downfall, bankruptcy, etc.




In the situation when your business consists of more than one-two companies and the number of such companies increases from year to year, the issue of creation of the optimal system of corporate governance becomes quite important or even vital. Optimization of this system and bringing it into line with internationally recognized standards will create additional business value and increase the business governance level, additionally protect you from various negative factors, raise the level of business transparency and adequacy of its perception by local and international partner side and allow gaining the considerable amount of other competitive advantages.

Within the framework of corporate governance owners and top-managers usually try to implement this function on their own by involving of the expert to the company, but this approach not always and not every time has maximum effect. The main task of corporate secretary as the corporate governance element, apart from organization of internal and external corporate events (government meetings, temporary advisory boards, etc.), is non-prejudiced and clear record of such events results, and constant control of execution of certain decisions and adopted orders. Usually it’s not easy to perform such duties because of different reasons, being the company’s hired expert. Our experts with extensive and successful experience in corporate governance of the biggest local and international companies are certificated experts in this field and have necessary knowledge and practice, allowing them to perform such functions with the maximum effect and in accordance with international corporate governance  standards.



Another important element of the corporate governance system is the independent directors institute. This element is an integral part of the best practices of corporate governance and allows investors to establish additional instrument of control on governance bodies’ activities and obtain an independent expert opinion on the most important governance decisions. On the basis of such opinion, the most correct and optimal action can be taken. Our applicants have extensive governance experience in different fields, such as Financial Services, Investments, Energy Production, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Media and Advertising, Real Estate, Metallurgy, Machine Building Industry. The number of correct and optimal governance decisions, adopted and implemented by our applicants, from routine matters to highly complicated tasks requiring special and accurate efforts applying the whole volume of knowledge and experience, is calculated on the basis of thousands of various business cases. Our extensive knowledge and rich and versatile experience will help us to create another perfect and highly efficient element of the corporate governance system for your business.





The world has changed. Dramatically. In recent years, everything that the whole world is used to has gone into eternity. And first of all, this affected the world of finance. And his circulatory system was one of the first to undergo these changes. Banks and other financial institutions have turned from convenient services into something between a police station and an amateur detective. Who doesn’t just want to know everything or almost everything. Sometimes he himself does not understand what he wants to know. Therefore, almost any financial transaction has essentially become a visit to a proctologist. Well, if once or twice a year, it seems like it’s not scary.

And if every day? Or five times a day? Who can stand it?

But if you have already gone this way? If the “proctologist” is almost a bosom friend for you? If you can get his opinion without even making an appointment? Or, understanding all the possible nuances of the reception, you know by heart the entire list of tests, examinations and conclusions and can do without examination in order to get its approval? Whether you want to laugh or not. But we are just the ones who know, can and are able to make everything go without such visits. Don’t believe me? Just try to make sure!

Everyone knows the phrase that money loves silence. But have you seen such places somewhere in our crazy world? No, of course they are. But not for everyone. But if money loves silence, then their owners want not only not to lose them, but also to increase them. But how? And where?

Indeed, there are so many obstacles on the way between your hard-earned and longed-for future income. From primitive crooks and crooks pushing the next pyramids, primitive and not so much, to “black swans”, which began to arrive more and more often.

Well, about the refined white-collar riders sitting in expensive offices around the world and promising manna from heaven to their customers – as a result of which turned out to be a callous rusk and then, on holidays – we are already silent. What can we oppose to all this? First of all, our principle is that it is much more pleasant for the client to share the earned income than to pay for the process for the sake of the process out of his own pocket. Therefore, we are looking for and find what can become the shares of the Apple Company back in 1976. Yes Yes. Such a famous 10 percent for $ 800. Which would now pull at nearly 100 billion.

Or Edison, who knows how to make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.

In general, this is precisely what allows us to be the thread of Ariadne in the endless labyrinths on the way to the longed-for income, in each of the corners of which the bloodthirsty Minotaur is waiting.





The era of offshore is a thing of the past. Even more likely already gone. Irrevocably. You won’t be able to hide and hide anymore. And just standing behind a tree. Glorified transparency is ubiquitous. And the watchful eye of the fiscal lost its boundaries and became all-embracing and all-seeing. The islets of tax havens are still smoldering, financial paths and paths are not yet completely overgrown. But it’s only a matter of time. Those who are more prudent – began to prepare only when they saw light clouds on the horizon. But the majority only convinced themselves and their entourage. There are no hurricanes here. What is the Flood? What are you speaking about? This cannot be – because it can never be.

Life is wonderful and wonderful. And what is the bottom line? The wind is getting stronger. And he no longer had the strength to hold the door that he was about to rip out of his hands. What do we offer? No no. It’s too late to build the ark. Resign yourself and give yourself and your business into the hands of the Conduct? Hmm … In our opinion – prematurely, and too frivolous. But do you know – is the earth a hurricane terrible? Or water? Just to resist the elements, you have to become the elements. And we know how. And if it is too expensive for you, we will offer something simpler. But from this it is no less salutary and effective.

The main thing is for you to understand. You have to pay taxes – the only question is how much, how and where. And we will help make sure that the answers to these questions are optimal for you and your business.

If you are not too lazy and have read our web-site up to this point, this is great. And if you have scrolled through all of the above with a quick glance and moved on to this section, that's fine too. Therefore, here we draw a line under the above, or simply and briefly describe in a nutshell what was laid out above on the shelves.

Recently, upon the completion of a big project that lasted more than two years, one of our clients called us corporate troubleshooters. Haven't you heard of them? How is it? Remember the history of running shoes in Africa? Or the diameter of the hole in the toothpaste tube?

Or a joke about Yakov Moiseevich from the Odessa paper mill? Well, in general, it's about us. :) But seriously, we take on something that others have refused, come up with something that others do not think of, decide something that hardly anyone can solve. And we are proud of this title. After all, there is nothing more valuable than the title, rank, or name that was assigned to you by the people whom you were able to help. Therefore, we hope that you have already hovered the cursor over the next section "Contacts". ;-)


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