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Usually such website sections look like the songs of praise to the owners of business. A sort of illustration to the proverb Not to toot my own horn, but toot, toot. However such illustrations usually don’t correspond to reality. But we decided to bend the general rules and traditions of such corporate trends, as we are always honest to our clients and partners.
Maybe that is the reason why we are not craving to become a world-famous organization, having its name in all possible (and impossible) ratings of any business publications. Because we know for sure who make them and in what way. And that is the reason why they have no meaning and importance for us. But our clients’ word and opinion is always of key importance for us.      
We are not just consulting and share our own vast experience based on our mistakes and faults, sleepless nights, tons of drank coffee and read books, triumphs from victories and sorrows from defeats, but we also understand the day-to-day needs and realities of our clients, because we came to consulting from business and not the other way around.  
Our purpose is to find the optimal solution for our clients’ tasks at minimum expense and risks and with maximum efficiency. That is the reason why we don’t like the favorite and overused corporate word the Mission. We are not messiahs. Are we geniuses? Well no. But we often hear that from our clients in response to the solutions suggested by us. We are just experienced and skilful. Therefore we think through every further step and decision and it allows us to reach optimal result. 
Do we speak too much? No. Because, as Hodja Nasreddin used to say We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. And we used to prove our importance by way of our hard work and corresponding result, but not with a help of bright words and empty talkfests at the meetings and working groups.
Are we flexible? Yes and no. Businessman in business is mobilis in mobile. To be mobile means to be flexible, especially in our country. But in case of necessity we can be steady as a rock in the ocean, and all waves will be broken and rushed away being aware of futility of their efforts.
We can endlessly describe abilities and qualities of our small team consolidated by many years of team-work, but such approach conflicts with our views. And isn’t it better to come and be convinced of that personally? Most of our clients, coming personally once, stay with us for long years.   

Thanks for your time and consideration. We are sure we’ll see you soon!




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Our team, that has many years of successful experience in project management, risk management, corporate governance, investment, finance, law, strategic development and planning, not only manages its own start-up projects, but also provides professional services to our esteemed clients.

• project management • risk management • corporate governance • business restructuring • investment protection • М&A • strategic development and planning

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